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LightScribe to the rescue

Creating a label to grace your new CD or DVD has never been easier thanks to the invention of LightScribe. The results speak for themselves. The whole process is so much more fun than using ugly sticky labels or scribbling with a marker pen.

However, there has always been one basic drawback. Over the years, 100s of LightScribe fans worldwide have voiced their frustration… Just not knowing where to start when it comes to design a new label.


Have you had this experience?

You have that special family photo or video collection and you want your LightScribe label to reflect, not only your cherished memories but do so in a manner that looks both artistic and also professional.

So sometimes, you just need a helping hand.


LightScribe Templates

Here at LightScribe Templates it is my intention to provide that, no matter what LightScribe software you use, or in fact if you need LightScribe software that will help, not get in the way.

If you use the LightScribe Template Labeler, HP’s free labeling software, or a commercial LightScribe software application, we have LightScribe Template Collections for you.


New to LightScribe

If you are just starting out and want some truly first class LightScribe software we have you covered there too.

The LightScribe Toolbox Premium has everything you will ever need to create some beautiful LightScribe labels, and also comes with the Universal LightScribe Template Collection included.


I hope you will find everything you need here to create that perfect label. One that will complement your next project in a way you can be truly proud of.

Steve Nelson

(LightScribe Veteran Since 2006)
Where have the last 14 years gone… Oh yes, having fun with LightScribe 🙂