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To shorten what could be a long story (14 years and counting) I have been working with LightScribe since February 2006.

In that time, via my other LightScribe websites, I have helped more than 30,000 LightScribe users, make sense of, and get the most from their LightScribe systems.


So Why LightScribe Templates?

You may be aware that HP (LightScribe’s inventors) closed their LightScribe support website ( in December 2013. This action only increased the number of LightScribe users, who in their frustration, have contacted me.

Their issues vary, but one recurring  theme has been the lack of Templates available for the labeling software.

Templates for both The LightScribe Template Labeler, which obviously relies on them, and Universal LightScribe Templates that can be used with any LightScribe labeling program.


To satisfy this need I have put together, what I believe to be, the most comprehensive LightScribe Software and Template packages available to date.


Universal LightScribe Template Collection

1: 678 Universal LightScribe Templates

2: 100 Photo Template/Backgrounds

3: 125 Media Icons


Click here for more info >> LightScribe Templates


If you already have LightScribe software then this Universal LightScribe Template collection will give a real boost to your labeling.


Please Note: These Templates are NOT to be used with the LightScribe Template Labeler. The 43 Template Packs below are what you need for the Template Labeler.


LightScribe Labeling Software

If you are in need of a LightScribe Labeling software, then my LightScribe Toolbox Premium is well worth considering.


The LightScribe Toolbox Premium contains:

1: LightScribe System Software

2: LightScribe Labeling Software

3: CD/DVD Burning Software

4: Graphics Editing Software


5: Video Training

Click here for more info >> LightScribe Software


LightScribe Software/Template Combo

Because I wanted to make sure anyone who purchased the LightScribe Toolbox got the very best value possible, the LightScribe Toolbox Premium includes all the software in the Toolbox and everything in the Universal LightScribe Template Collection as well.


LightScribe Template Labeler Templates

If you find the 15 templates that come with the LightScribe Template Labeler restrictive, then how does an additional 43 Template packs sound to you?

If this sounds like what you need, check them out at the link below:

43 Template Labeler Template Packs


LightScribe Support

In addition to the templates and software, if you have any LightScribe related questions or issues then head over to my Contact Me page and send me an email.


As always, here’s to your LightScribe success.

Steve Nelson